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I started my career as a Web Programmer back in 2012, with PHP like many others. I got interested to doing web rather than desktop as it is always were I spend my time the most. Facebooking, GitHubing, learning and reading about new techs, patterns, tutorials etc. is my daily routine. I can’t imagine my life without Web. Without Web, my life feels empty.

Made most of my projects on PHP & I work mostly on the Backend site as I’m bad with designing. They may seem dull according to todays standard, but I believe in time I’ll be able to reach to make apps like big companies do. While I do work on PHP, I’m also looking forward to do new challenges. Trying out languages like Python, C#, Java, new artchitecture pattern like Multi-Tenancy, Micro-Service, new frontend frameworks like Angular2, React etc.

As my hobby, I like watching movies, playing video games and watching animes.

Have a look at my Resume if you are interested.

There are some cool repos out there. Check out my Github Repos!

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05 Sep 2016 . introduction . Welcome to my site! Comments

Hello people,

Welcome to my site. I am Abid aka ABDmaster and a cool programmer and web developer.

I’ll share with you some nice programming articles, tutorials and hot tips.

Site is new so its’ empty for now. Take your time to look around and let me know your opinion down in the comments section.



  • Became great as a programmer.

    February 2015 - September 2016

    Became great as a programmer.

  • Started my web programming career.

    May 2012 - September 2014

    Started my web programming career.

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